VILONIA — Students at the Vilonia Primary School on Wednesday learned reading can pay off in many ways.

Second-graders Leah Goff and Aaron Luyet were awarded bicycles Wednesday for being the top readers in the summer Bookworm Reading Club, sponsored by the school’s first-grade teachers. Goff read 320 books, and Luyet read 134 books.

"Reading will take you many places," said first-grade teacher Jeannie Harvey, addressing the students prior to handing out gift certificates and the two bicycles. 

Six students read six books, two read 20 or more, seven read 30 and three students read more than 50. The total books read by the club during the five weeks of summer were 1,047 books.

Goff’s dad, Shannon, said his daughter was dedicated to reading the most books.

"We went to Dallas on a family vacation and she took books with her to read," he said. "She read all the way. Every time you looked at her this summer, she was reading. I’m really proud of her."

The bicycles were donated by Erik Leamon of The Ride, in Conway. This is Leamons’ fourth year to supply bicycles to the program. Other students were awarded gift certificates to Walmart and Hastings.