Domestic disturbance, 2100 block of Meadowlake Road.

Officers responded to the area in reference to a domestic disturbance. While standing at the door, they overheard a woman telling a man inside the apartment that she could not believe he had called the police and giving him suggestions as to what to say when they arrived. The woman opened the door and one of the officers noted that "she recognized me from a previous domestic disturbance at this same apartment." The suspects were separated and each asked about what had happened. The man stated that he and his girlfriend had been arguing because he found out that she has been having frequent contact with an ex-boyfriend. The man stated that he had gone to bed and while he was sleeping, the woman came into the bedroom and poured water from the cat’s bowl on him then let the plastic bowl hit him. The officers spoke with the woman who initially denied pouring the water on her boyfriend but then admitted that she had because the man had accused her of cheating on him. The officers noted that the woman seemed very upset that her boyfriend had called the police. The officers suggested that one of them leave the residence for the night, but both parties declined to leave. No further action was taken.