A little girl did not back up a man's story when an officer accused him of fleeing an attempted traffic stop.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report, a male subject who was speeding on Salem Road was eventually stopped near Prince Street.

The report stated that the officer asked the subject why he was attempting to flee, to which the subject replied, "I ain't running." 

The report stated that a little girl in the back seat who was unrestrained stated, "Yes you was trying to run from the police."

The subject pulled the door handle and pushed the door against the officer, knocking his legs and causing him to lose and regain his balance.

The report stated that the subject and the officer were engaged in an altercation, and the officer was able to handcuff the subject and bring him to the ground. 

The officer held the subject there until other officers responded. 

The subject was cited with fleeing, driving on a suspended license, failure to use child restraints in a vehicle and careless or prohibited driving.