Last week Pitza 42 opened for business. They invited a lot of people to a couple of different soft opening events in which they trained their employees for the big debut. I was more than happy to help those employees learn.

The restaurant is on Dave Ward Drive near Donaghey Avenue in The Plazza at Centerstone. It is in the same center as The Peiking Buffet. They do, in fact, serve pizzas made on pita crust, as well as salads. 

Austin and Ashton Samuelson are the owners, and they were full of energy the night I attended. They built this concept from the ground up with all their own recipes. For each meal purchased at the restaurant, they are donating a meal to an organization that serves starving children in third world countries (hence the ‘4-2’).

A word about the food. Excellent. I wasn’t sure how pizza on a pita was going to work, but it works for them. Like most pizza places, you can either choose from the menu or create your own pizza with exactly the toppings you want. Unlike your typical restaurant, someone makes the pizza in front of you, and then it gets cooked in the time it takes them to make your salad in front of you. 

Finally, I have to tell you that they have created a dessert called cookie dough on a pita. The best way I can describe it is just to say that you are going to want to try it. It will quite possibly send you into a pleasant childhood flashback of the first time you had a chocolate chip cookie. Bring a tissue, and try not to break down right in front of everyone. Before you eat the cookie dough, make sure there is enough to go around. It might awaken a deep primal urge in your brain to defend your food, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt someone.

Shorty Small’s

Shorty Small’s has closed, causing some of its regular patrons to be pretty disappointed. The rumor mill tells a tale that a search is already under way for another restaurant to fill the empty spot.

Apparently the chain that owns the restaurants in Arkansas filed bankruptcy a few months ago, as did the individual restaurants. 


Last week I mentioned licensed massage therapist Alicia Michaelis, who just moved to a new building. I should have provided a phone number, and I also wanted to note the other two massage therapists who share a building with her on Front Street, right across from the Log Cabin Democrat.

Amanda Dobbins (501-908-1569) and Sonya Smith (501-472-2366) are both licensed massage therapists. The two of them and Michaelis (501-733-6600) recently moved to the location on Front Street.

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