Morgan Scroggin received the top bid for her auction items at the 2011 Faulkner County Fair's junior livestock auction. Her grand and reserve champion meat goats together snagged a bid of $2,300.

The goats were purchased by the Friends of the Faulkner County Fair.

Scroggin is a member of the Greenbrier FFA.

To see a photo gallery of all the auction winners, click here.

The complete list of the 2011 Faulkner County Fair Junior Livestock Auction winners, which featured the Grand Champion animals, are as follows:

1. Countryside Motors bought Austin Brewer’s grand champion lamb for $1,000.

2. Friends of the Faulkner County. Fair bought Morgan Scroggin’s grand champion and reserve champion meat goats for $2,300.

3. Friends of the Faulkner County. Fair bought Chancee Clark’s grand champion steer for $2,200.

4. The Faulkner County Farm Bureau Insurance Agency bought Timmy Yeldell’s grand champion hog for $1,350.

5. State Representative Linda Tyler bought Hannah Reed’s grand champion broiler chickens for $750.

6. Elison Contractors bought Brittney Beck’s champion meat pen rabbits for $700 and State Representative Linda Tyler bought Beck’s champion single fryer rabbit for $700.

7. First Security Bank bought Morgan Scroggin’s reserve champion lamb for $1,200.

8. Friends of the Faulkner County Fair bought Jordan Wilcox’s reserve champion market steer for $1,500.

9. Tim Ryals bought Austin Woodham’s reserve champion market hog for $550.

10. D&N Construction bought Zackary Nolan’s reserve champion broiler pen for $600.

11. Lance Reynolds, Roland Finley and Steve Cobb & family bought Cheyenne Bittle’s market lamb for $1,000.

12. Andy Shock bought Allison Leach’s market lamb for $800.

13. Tackett Landscaping bought Heather Wilcox’s market lamb for $875.

14. Ott Insurance and Phil Caputo bought Raegan Breeding’s market lamb for $1,550.

15. Tennyson Properties bought Kinsey Watkins’ market lamb for $700.

16. Satterfield Oil bought Grady Barnett’s market lamb for $500.

17. Jason Wooley with Superior Scapes bought Caroline Armstrong’s market lamb for $450.

18. Friends of the Faulkner County Fair bought Lindsey Tharp’s market lamb for $500.

19. Centennial Bank bought Haylee Russaw’s market lamb for $800.

20. SPS Construction bought Alana Rippy’s market lamb for $700.

21. Linns Auto and the Faulkner County Farm Bureau bought Jake Wooley’s meat goat for $800.

22. Ozark Mountain Construction & Conway Tire & Battery bought Bailey Smithson’s meat goat for $800.

23. Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center bought Haylie Barr’s meat goat for $850.

24. Elison Contractors bought Kalynn Peterson’s meat goat for $700.

25. Greenbrier Ready Mix bought Blake Erbach’s meat goat for $800.

26. Farm Credit Services of Western Arkansas/Cecil Oursbourne bought Whitney Mullins’ meat goat for $600.

27. Smith Ford and Preston Scroggin bought Taylor McNeel’s meat goat for $800.

28. Tackett Landscaping bought Kolt Weatherley’s meat goat for $800.

29. Senator Gilbert Baker bought Eric Peterson’s meat goat for $800.

30. Countryside Motors bought Paige Kelley’s market steer for $1,200.

31. Wilson Electrical Contractors bought Coby Wilson’s market steer for $1,500.

32. Friends of the Faulkner County Fair bought Rodney Lichty’s market steer for $850.

33. Steve Goode and Big Star Supermarkets bought Brekke Gammon’s market steer for $800.

34. Steve Magie bought Ryleigh Holeman’s market hog for $350.

35. The Douglas Company bought Justin Sewell’s market hog for $400.

36. Big Star Supermarket of Mayflower bought Wesley Neal’s market hog for $575.

37. Custom Tools & Die bought Dylan Jobe’s market hog for $800.

38. Bobby Kennedy with BKC bought Keegan McConnell’s market hog for $800.

39. Cypress Valley Meat Packing bought Tyler LeMarr’s market hog for $700.

40. Jim Baker with Lake Liquor bought Laci Rios’ market hog for $400.

41. Countryside Motors bought Phillip Collier’s market hog for $600.

42. Andy Shock bought Jacob Raney’s market hog for $400.

43. Friends of the Faulkner County Fair bought Hunter Barksdale’s market hog for $400.

44. Lowry’s Show Pigs bought Cari Beth Halk’s market hog for $575.

45. Faulkner County Farm Bureau Insurance Agency bought Travis Clark’s market hog for $350.

46. Countryside Motors bought Hunter Brady’s market hog for $600.

47. Countryside Motors bought Josh Sheets’ market hog for $500.

48. WK Contractors bought Cassidy McNespy’s market goat for $850.

49. Steve Goode and Big Star Supermarkets bought Stephen Pate’s market goat for $350.

50. Mario Thomas with State Farm bought Alec Goodnight’s market goat for $500.

51. Web County and Steve Goode bought Erin Nolan’s market goat for $500.

52. Bell Farms bought Taylor Keathley’s market goat for $1,800.

53. First Service Bank and Friends of the Greenbrier FFA bought Jessica Zulpo’s market goat for $600.

54. B&L Drywall bought Avery Goodnight’s market goat for $550.

55. Cypress Valley Meat Packing bought Riley Pearce’s market goat for $550.

56. B&L Drywall bought Kaylea Jobe’s market goat for $700.

57. Friends of the Faulkner County Fair bought Sarah Elizabeth Smith’s market goat for $350.

58. Frankie Gardner Construction bought Katie McNinch’s market hog for $600.

59. Eagle Tennyson Farms and Kerr’s Cabinets bought Oakley Kerr’s market hog for $1,000.

60. Custom Tool & Die bought Emily Jobe’s market hog for $750.

61. Andy Shock bought Ashley Raney’s market hog for $400.

62. D&L Drywall bought Seth Taylor’s market hog for $550.

63. Faulkner County Farm Bureau Insurance Agency bought Holly Raney’s market hog for $400.

64. Conway Tire and Battery bought Emily Clark’s market hog for $375.

65. Faulkner County Farm Bureau Agency bought Shawn Bowie’s market hog for $800.

66. Steve Cobb family and Keith Station bought Katie Farris’ market hog for $500.

67. Tim Tyler and Mark Wassner with New York Life Insurance Company bought Amanda Gustafson’s market hog for $705.

68. Compass Energy bought Victoria Glover’s market hog for $1,100.

69. Tennyson Trucking Company bought Brent Clark’s market hog for 450.

70. Nabholz Construction and Elliot Studer Architects bought Allyson Sellers’ market hog for $500.

71. Barkley Auto bought Colby Leggett’s market hog for $1,000.