The Mayflower Eagles lost a heartbreaker at home Friday night to the Riverview Raiders 13-39.

The Eagles lost ground quick in the first quarter, ending the quarter 0-20. 

The first Raider touchdown came when the Raiders retrieved the ball 13 yards from their goal. After advancing to the 2-yard line with three downs, Raider Josh Roach ran the ball around the right end and into the end zone on a first down. Raider kicker Tony Rowley completed the field goal, putting the Raiders up 7-0 with 7:03 left in the first.

The Eagles were unable to hold on to the ball for long, fumbling the ball to the Raiders at the 43-yard line. Raider Cole Butler passed to Rowley who ran into the end zone, giving the Raiders their second touchdown with 6:19 left in the first.

Rowley was unable to complete the field goal.

The Raiders scored their third touchdown with 1:51 left when Roach ran through the middle and into the end zone.

Rowley’s field goal was good, setting the final score for the quarter at 0-20.

Coach Jed Davis said he didn’t think the Raiders lead in the first was too much for his team to overcome.

"It was the first quarter," Davis said. "We can overcome that. It’s touch, but our kids are good enough to overcome that."

The Eagles were held scoreless until 1:16 left in the second quarter when senior Eagle Taylor Mathis charged into the end zone.

Junior kicker Matthew Post’s kick was no good, ending the half 6-20.

The Raiders scored the only points in the third when Butler passed from the 45-yard-line to Rowley at the 27, who then ran the ball into the end zone. 

Rowley then missed the field goal, putting the score at 6-26 with 7:39 left in the third.

The Raiders were quick to score again going into the fourth when Butler handed the ball off to Roach who scampered 15 yards to make the touchdown. Rowley’s field goal was good, putting the score at 6-33 with 10:14 left in the game.

The Raiders scored their last touchdown when sophomore quarterback Carson Pate through a pass that was intercepted by Butler, who ran the ball 30 yards into the end zone with 3:21 left. The field goal was no good.

The Eagles scored their last points of the game when Mathis charged through the middle into the end zone with 45 seconds left. Post’s field goal was good, ending the game 13-39.

"We just made too many mistakes," Davis said. The Eagles had two touchdowns that were called back due to penalties.

"We’ve got to execute better on the offensive line and we got to do a better job holding onto the tackles," Davis said.

Davis said he’ll be working with his team’s offensive line to get ready for the Eagles’ homecoming game next Friday against the Brinkley Tigers.

"They’ve got athletes. They’re always fast and athletic," he said. "We expect it to be a tough battle."