The Conway City Council will meet in committee at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss an upcoming election for the rededication of the city’s sales tax.

A previous try was rejected by voters on May 10. That special election asked voters to rededicate half of the current 1/4 penny sales tax to go to the city’s general fund, mainly to pay for operations, including salaries for the city’s employees and the other 1/8 penny to continue to pay off bonds issued in 2006 to fund construction of the new police station.

The Council met in August to discuss trying again in December, the earliest another election on the matter could be held.

Mayor Tab Townsell said in August that options put to the public could include using the rededicated tax for bond repayment or, as some members of the city council have suggested, split the quarter cent into two 1/8 cent sales taxes with 1/8 cent going to issue bonds for capital projects and the other 1/8 cent into the general fund.

At Tuesday’s meeting in the District Courtroom on Parkway, the Council will also consider a resolution related to the recommendations from the Citizen Taskforce Committee.

At its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m., the Council will consider the setting of new ward boundaries as required by the 2010 census.

The new ward boundaries are on the city’s website at

Among other business, the council will also 

• Consider a request to abandon the southernmost 250 feet of Simon Street, an unpaved road adjacent to Worman’s Auto Salvage. The council voted on June 28 to hold this request in committee until City Engineer Ronnie Hall could report back about easements and drainage work on nearby Little Creek.

Residents of the neighborhood were vocal that night in their opposition to the closing of the street.

• Consider ordinances that would close right-of-ways relating to the College and Elm streets relocation project at St. Joseph Catholic Church and School and the railroad tracks and change the name of Elm Street between the railroad and Harkrider Street to College Avenue. 

• Hear an update on the progress of the condemned Dryer Building at 912 Front Street.

• Consider an ordinance accepting $2,000 from the two Walmart stores as contributions to EcoFest 2011.

• Consider a request for a conditional use permit from Robinson and Center Church of Christ to allow religious activities for property at 1505 Robinson Ave. at Center Street. The request was approved on Sept. 19 by the Planning Commission with conditions.

• Consider a resolution expressing the willingess of the city to partner with Faulkner County and the Highway Department to assume maintenance of the old Highway 25 once the relocated Highway 25 is built.

• Consider the appointment of Michael Garrett and the reappointment of Fletcher Smith to the Health Facilities Board.

• Consider an ordinance to remove the A&P Commission and Design Review Boards from the category of primary city boards as recommended by the Blue Ribbon Commission. The A&P Commission asked to become a non-primary commission, and the Old Conway Design Review Board merged with the Historic District Commission.

(Staff writer Becky Harris can be reached at and 505-1234.)