Intimidation, 80 block of Marshall Road S., Vilonia.

A woman called to report that she went to a home with some friends to look at a tractor that was for sale. While she was there, the couple who was selling the tractor invited them inside their home.

After they went inside the home, the victim stated, the woman told her she did not want the local "drug people" in her home and became irate with the victim, calling her names and threatening to kick her out of the house.

The victim stated she went to the door to leave the home and the couple followed her.
While she and her friends were walking to their vehicle, the man dropped his pants and shook his genitalia at them and asked "ya'll want some of this?"

The victim stated that the man followed them about 30 yards to the road way with his pants down.

By the time the victim got home, the woman had called to yell at the victim and left more than 30 voice mail messages within a 24 hour period.

The next day the man came to the victim's home and apologized. The victim requested that the incident be documented.