A man who allegedly lit someone else’s mobile home on fire because he thought his ex-girlfriend was in it, is still fanning the flames by harassing the man who lived in the mobile home he is accused of burning down.

Mandrick Deon Holmes, 30, of Conway was charged with arson and arrested after he burned down a mobile home located at Westhaven Mobile Home Park in August. Since then, he has continued to drive by the residence where the man who owned the mobile home is now staying.

According to an incident report from the Conway Police Department, Holmes has been waiting for the victim outside of his work and has called the victim threatening to kill him.

The victim came to the police department to file a report after his niece called to tell him that Holmes had already driven by their home three times already that day.

While speaking with an officer at the department, Holmes called the victim was placed on speaker phone so the officer could hear him. The report notes that the officer heard Holmes tell the victim, "You ain’t no man. You can’t fight. I wouldn’t have burned your house down if you would have just come outside. You gonna see me. Bring your pistol or whatever you got."

The victim told the officer that he believes that Holmes is upset because his own home burned down in the last few days and blames the victim for it.

The investigation into the arson case against Holmes is ongoing.

At the time of the fire in August, La Tresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, said Holmes was upset because he thought his ex-girlfriend was at the victim’s home.

"The victim told officers that he had just arrived home from work when Holmes confronted him and demanded to talk to his ex-girlfriend," she explained. "The victim then shut the door in the suspect’s face because he stated that Holmes was frustrated and since the ex-girlfriend wasn’t in the home, he didn’t want to deal with the suspect. The victim told the officers that he heard the suspect banging on his door and then saw him trying to damage his vehicle by throwing rocks at it."

The suspect then went to the victim’s boat, grabbed the gas can and poured gasoline on the victim’s front door and porch before lighting it on fire and leaving the area. The victim tried to put the fire out but it was too big and the Conway Fire Department had to be called.

Witnesses in the neighborhood confirmed the victim’s story, as did the woman who had been inside the vehicle with Holmes when he stopped to confront the victim.

Holmes turned himself in at the police station the following day and confessed to the crime. According to the police report, Holmes said "he had just lost control when the victim would not come outside and fight him."

It is not known if Holmes will have his bond revoked for failure to comply with the terms of his probation, which is a sentence he received from a previous incident.

(Candie Beck is a staff writer and can be reached at 505-1238 or at candie.beck@thecabin.net)