Aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, Faulkner County Detention Center, 500 S. German Lane.

While in the process of booking a suspect an officer came into contact with another detainee who was being loud and belligerent. The officer was trying to speak with dispatch over the radio but could not hear due to the woman screaming, so he moved a small distance from her. The detainee told the officer to get away from her and the officer told her that he was working and not moving any further. The woman threatened to spit on the officer if he didn’t move further away from her. The officer warned the woman if she spit on him or anyone else she would be in serious trouble. The woman "reared her head back and spit" in the officer’s face and eyes and then told him she was sick with an unknown illness. Mug shots were not taken of the woman because she could not be controlled while attempting to obtain her picture.