Harassment, 800 block of Nutter Chapel Road.

Officers responded to the area and found a couple standing outside involved in a very heated discussion with another man. They separated the trio in an effort to understand the situation. A man stated that his daughter had been playing outside with her dog when another man came up to her and told her the dog should be on a leash and made the girl cry. The man told officers that his dog was not aggressive and there was no reason why the other man should have spoken to his child the way her did. He also stated when he confronted the man about the way he had spoken to his daughter, the man threatened him with a ticket and represented himself as a police officer. The other man told officers that his niece went to play outside but was scared of dogs and that she had come back inside crying because of the other girl’s dog not being on a leash. The man showed the officer an identification card for the jail and stated that he was a reserve sheriff’s deputy with Perry County and that he worked part time at the jail. When the officer called the sheriff to verify the man’s employment, he was told that the man no longer worked for them and had resigned. The officer confiscated the man’s work identification upon request of the sheriff. The man was warned to stop misrepresenting himself as a sheriff’s department employee as it had only made the current situation worse and it was not true. No further action was taken.