Faulkner County school kids turn out in abundant numbers to support the walk-a-thon of the Conway Human Development Center, but none like the youngsters representing the middle school at Vilonia. 

"They’re awesome," said middle school teacher Della Williams, who has shepherded kids to the event for 20 years, apparently throughout her career at the Vilonia school. "We try to instill in our students the importance of helping people who are less fortunate than we are. The youngsters feel a special kinship with the clients at CHDC."

Over the years the middle-school kids — 12- and 13-year-olds — have collected more than $25,000 that has gone in to the coffers of the CHDC Volunteer Council, which is the main body of Faulkner County citizens who work at providing essential items for the clients. 

From Sally Sellers, director of volunteers at CHDC, comes word that school kids in the county have been major contributors of the considerable funds.

"While Vilonia Middle School has demonstrated a wonderful attitude of giving, other students in every county school have worked hard in our behalf," Sellers said.  

She expects they and other contributions will bring in more than $25,000 from the 29th annual walk-a-thon, the granddaddy of all such events in Faulkner County. 

Kids galore will congregate early Oct. 1 to devour breakfast goodies provided by Sellers and the Volunteer Council before they head out to the walking course on the campus. It’s customary for them to lunch in Conway before heading home on school buses. 

Monies collected from kids, in addition to substantial gifts from businesses, corporations and colleges, will enable the Volunteer Council to proceed with plans to construct a home for parents and guardians on the CHDC campus in the coming months.