Officers with the Conway Police Department responded to the La Huerta restaurant, 1052 Hairston St., after an employee called to report that there was someone inside the building after he had just locked it for the night.

The employee stated staff at the restaurant had observed the suspect walking around the parking lot as they were locking up. After everyone left, the employee came back a few minutes later to check on the building and saw the man standing inside the patio area of the business.

The employee let the officers inside the building so they could access the patio area, where they made contact with the suspect. The officers noted that when they asked him what he was doing inside the restaurant, he mumbled something they could not understand. They also noted that he appeared to be very intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.

The suspect told the officers that he had some drinks while he was inside the restaurant and pointed to an empty beer bottle as well as an empty bottle of tequila.

The suspect was searched and the officers discovered a bottle of liquid flavoring that had been taken from the bar, a remote control to the television inside the bar and a pocket knife. The officers also noted that the suspect did not have on shoes. However, the officers found one shoe outside on the ground below a window that had been cut open and one shoe inside the window. The suspect stated was the shoes belonged to him. The suspect was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center for processing.