Harassment, 1000 McNutt Road.

A woman called to report that her son had been physically assaulted by a man as the boy was out with his friends near a pond. The victim, who is 14-years-old, came home and told his mother about the incident and showed her a pair of ripped boxer shorts that were damaged during the attack. The victim stated that the suspect had approached him and accused him of taking money from the suspect’s children and threatening them. The victim stated that he told the man he didn’t know what he was talking about and the suspect demanded that the victim let him search his pockets. After patting the victim’s pockets down, the suspect spun the victim around, "rammed his hand down the back of his shorts, grabbed his underwear and yanked them up, causing them to rip." The suspect then left the area. The victim stated that he did not know the children’s names the suspect was referring to, but had seen them in the neighborhood before. Officers searched the area for the suspect but were not able to locate him. The victim was told to call for assistance immediately if he sees the suspect again.