TEA PARTY: The Documentary Film will be shown for free at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday at the McGee Center, 3800 College Ave. in Conway. The public is invited.

The family friendly film follows five grassroots individuals who transform from home town rally-goers and rally organizers to national activists at the Taxpayers’ 912 March on Washington in 2009, the largest citizen protest in American history.

"Who’s funding the tea party movement? What groups are organizing it? Is it a political front? What is its purpose? What kind of people are involved? How many people go to rallies? Where is it headed from  here?" The documentary, which answers these questions from the unique perspective of the local activist, also serves as a resource for individuals who want to understand more about the tea movement.

Even though the event is free, donations will be accepted to cover the cost of the movie screening fee. Attendees are encouraged to bring popcorn and drinks, pillows and throws for comfort during the show.

For more information about TEA PARTY: The Documentary Film, visit the website: www.teapartymovie.com. 

This event is sponsored in Conway by a group of your local neighbors.