Aggravated assault, 100 block of S. Ash St.

An officer was dispatched to the address to do a civil stand by for an employee of Rent A Center, who was attempting to retrieve a 42-inch television set from a residence. The employee stated that when he arrived at the scene, he knocked at the door and heard a woman say "come in", so he opened the door. The employee stated that when the suspect inside the apartment saw that he was there to collect her television, she told him he wasn’t getting the television and slammed the door on him catching his foot in between the door and the door frame. The employee stated that a little bit later, the suspect’s aunt arrived at the home, put some stuff in her vehicle and then got in the suspect’s truck. The employee stated that he was standing in front of the vehicle when the aunt placed the vehicle in drive and revved the engine, nearly striking him as she moved forward. The employee stated that he did not know the aunt’s name but she had told him that the vehicle left in the drive way was hers. The officer knocked on the suspect’s door several times in an attempt to speak with her, but she would not answer the door. The officer noted that he heard a noise that sounded like someone was inside but the lights were off and the blinds were shut so he could not see inside the residence. No further action was taken by the officer.