Harassment, Market Plaza Apartments, 2400 Market Plaza Drive.

Officers were dispatched to the apartment complex when a woman called to report that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her and had hit her in the head with a gift he purchased for her. The woman told the officers that the suspect was waiting at the apartment complex when she returned from a date and she tried to go straight to her apartment, which angered the suspect. The woman stated that the suspect "grabbed her and shook her then threw the gift and hit her in the head, then picked the gift back up and threw it and struck her in the head again." The suspect left the apartment complex and the woman contacted him by e-mail and requested that he no longer contact her in any way. However, the suspect waited for the woman after work and security personnel had to speak with him at that time. The woman had a detailed account of the incidents, which she gave to the officers and she was advised of the warrant process and how to seek a no contact order.