Aggravated assault on a family/household member, 3900 block of Tyler St.

Officers made contact with a woman who stated that her husband had been drinking and pulled a gun on her. The woman stated that her husband was headed to his insurance agency and described the vehicle for the officers. Officers made contact with the man at the insurance agency and asked him what had happened with his wife. The man stated that he didn’t know why anyone would call the police on him and that he had just purchased a car so he came to his insurance agency to add the vehicle to his policy. The officers noted that the man did not mention the disturbance with his wife. When the officers searched his vehicle, they did not find any firearms, however, they did find a half empty bottle of whiskey in the center console area. An officer stayed with the man while another officer went to the man’s home to speak with his wife. The woman stated that her husband had been drinking for days and had been threatening to kill her. The woman stated that after an argument that day over the use of the dishwasher, she had called her family over to speak with her husband to try to calm him down, but he just walked back inside their house. When she followed him, he pointed a double barreled shotgun at her and told her he would kill her. The woman stated that she went back outside and her husband left to go to the insurance agent, which is when she called for help. Officers seized the shotgun from their home and transported the man to the Faulkner County Detention Center where he was cited for driving while under the influence of alcohol and aggravated assault on a family/household member.