By Margie Fulmer

It was good to have the Earnhart family —  Marian McGinty, Sunny Sue and Elizabeth — back at church Sunday. They have really been through a lot, and Sunny is still in a wheelchair.

Marian, Sunny, Elizabeth Johnson, Marsha Brown, Ginger Beene and D-Anna Beene, attended a shower in North Little Rock for a friend, Sunday afternoon.

Ray and I attended the visitation for Clyde Testone last Monday night. We extend sympathy to the family.

Our church, Oakland Methodist, will host our Cluster Charge Conference from 5-6:30 p.m. Sunday. Churches attending will be Centerville, Graham’s Chapel, Mayflower, Mount Carmel, Naylor and Vilonia. Everyone is invited to attend. A meal will be provided.

The 2011 Ingathering is scheduled from 9-11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 19, at the Arkansas Rice Depot, 3801 West 65th Street, Little Rock. Watch for the Oct. 7 issue of the Arkansas United Methodist and the conference website for additional details. We will be sending the items we’ve been collecting all year.

Last Sunday was another beautiful Lord’s Day for us. Ray and I attended church and afterward our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all came and we enjoyed a feast at lunch time. Some of the greats ask, “Is this Thanksgiving?” I said no, but our Thanksgiving dinner will be exactly the same, except we will have turkey instead of ham.

It had been six months (Easter) since we had done this. I had to get able to have everyone in, all at once. The children played outside in the warm sunshine. There was 11 little cousins enjoying each other and Pappa Ray’s homemade ice cream. Charles Sellers wanted to know when our next reunion would be.

Folks, if you don’t want to hear about my family, please send me some news.

If we do what we can do, God will do what we cannot do.



It is that time of year. The cool weather, State Fair time and Fall Festivals are in season now. What about this cool weather? I prefer warmer weather, but who knows what Arkansas weather will be from one day to another. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful changes of color. It is amazing the way God works wonders never stops amazing me.

Last weekend was full of Bingo games, chilli suppers, yard sales and much more. I was lazy and slept in that morning first time in a long time. Then regretted not going out to the early morning sales. But did enjoy both Bingo games for the kings and queens at Guy City Hall and Guy Fire Department.

Congratulations on the Guy Fire Department in getting our rates changed, and hopefully getting a new fire station now won’t we be up town. They work hard to serve our community in volunteering their time and effort to learn and to protect us in our community. Good job to each of you. They are even going to Plunge in the Polar Bear Plunge this year. We are challenging all fire departments in the county to come and plunge for a cause with Special Olympics on Jan. 28. If you see Carl Baker, make a donation to him for his pledges to plunge cause. The Guy Fire Department is going to come home with the plunge trophy with the most money raised. 

You can dress up and win the costume contest too. So we challenge all fire departments, sheriff departments, politicians and any one else to come out and plunge and especially come to the Dessert Auction that will happen before  the plunge. ALL proceeds go to Area 17 Special Olympics to help us proceed with the best area for all our athletes to participate in Sports. This will take place at Woolly Hollow State Park in Greenbrier. Any questions, call me at 679-3299 or e-mail at holtb42@yahoo.com.

Guy-Perkins Festival Fundraisers: Bingo/chili/stew supper Dessert Auction sponsored by 10th-grade Gunner and Ashlyn as king and queen Friday. I hope they had a great success their barbecue was good last weekend too. Fall Festival Tickets are available at the school offices so go out and get some for some great prizes. 

On Oct. 28, there will be a Halloween dance from 9:30-11:30 p.m. for grades 9-12. There will be a costume contest, and there will be food and drink available for purchase at 50 cents each. Admission is $4 each. A DJ will provide music. The Fall Festival is Nov. 5. Mark your calendars.  

Halloween is only a little over a week. Please wear clothing that can be seen from a distant. Be safe and remember kids to let a parent check your candy before you eat any of it. Be safe and look for cars and Drivers be sure to watch for all the little ones and big ones out there that are trick or treating and drive safely.

Members of Guy Small Town 4-H competed at the National Dairy Judging Contest and Conference. Tyalor Kilpatrick and Macey Edelen competed in dairy cattle judging. Jansen Riddle attended the dairy conference. Kinsey Watkins recently competed at SE District Livestock Show in Pine Bluff with goats and lambs. She won two goat class wins, Sr. Goat showmanship champ, Res Champion AR Bred and 3rd overall goat in sale. She also won a lamb class and was sixth in Senior Showmanship. We have several members competing at State Fair too. Good Luck to all.

Happy birthday, Dana Dowdy. We hope you have many more birthdays to come. She will celebrate her birthday on the 25th. Also a belated birthday to Mike Seiger who I forgot to call on his birthday. Mike your one of the best and hope you have many more birthdays to come.

Last Saturday, I met Jerry, Dana and Landon Dowdy at the pumpkin patch in Springhill. Landon had a great time picking out his pumpkins and going on the hay ride. He is growing up to fast. Then it was home with Nanna for Landon and Nanna time. We spent the night with Mom  and then we went to church and had a great visit with mom both days. Cherish those moments.

Sandy Dowdy along with Alicia Queen Laura Ealy, Stella Morris and other consumers and workers from Independent Living Services spent Wednesday at the Arkansas State Fair.  They had a great time and Sandy loves to ride rides. Stella heard you enjoyed the boat ride the most. I know they all had a great time. Thanks to all that went and made it a great trip. Each of you do a great and amazing jobs that makes  those consumers happy and eager to do lots of things, I would personally like to thank Alicia for being there for Sandy and for taking care of my girl. Sandy is so happy and you will never know how much I appreciate you and all you do. 

It is so good to have that feeling and know that she is loved and taken care of. Sandy is her own independent young lady, and I am very proud of her accomplishments and you are a part of that success. Thank you again for all you do.

Our Secretaries Association will be attending the Arkansas Association Of Office Professionals in Little Rock on Nov. 3-4, and we are looking for door prizes to be given away to all of those wonderful secretaries thru out the state that help run our schools. If you have any home made items or would like to donate a certificate from your business for this event please let me know at holtb42@yahoo.com. This is a way that we can recognize them with a job well done. We are also looking for small items to go in their bag that they will receive if your business  would like to donate candy chips  key chains etc. Thanks in advance for your in put.  

We will be driving around this weekend to look at yards decorated up for Halloween and the fall foliage. It could be a good outing for a picnic and family time.

Don’t forget to come out and support our Athletic Department for their games and fund raisers they will be having through out the year.  

Please remember Frankie Battles in your prayers, as she fell and has some cracked ribs. Now Ms. Frankie you need to be careful out there and don’t fall any more. We love you. Please keep Doug Moody in your prayers as he is trying to recover from being in the VA Hospital and during his cancer treatments. Doug and Judy, we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers. Don’t forgot those that are closed in, Betty Griffith, Montene Tarkington and each one that no longer drives in your prayers. Give them a call or come by for a visit. Mom loves hearing from people she use to work with and friends and family. Give her a call sometime at 679-3165.  

Have a great week and watch out for those GOBLINS. Send news to holtb41@yahoo.com.

Shady Grove

By Hazel Love 

The Panther football is the focus of planning and conversation around our house. Bill and I have really been enjoying the season watching grandson, Scott Cavin, play, as well as all of the boys from the community and Greenbrier area. They are all such a great example of sportsmanship as they represent their school and community. A great bunch of young men...

We attended the game in Siloam Springs last Friday. We traveled to the Joplin, Mo., area on Thursday, where Chelsey met us and spent the night. Friday we left there and drove on down to Siloam for the game. After the game, we spent the night with Chelsey in Fayetteville and came home on Saturday. Mike, Susan and Scott stayed with her Friday night thru Saturday night and came home on Sunday. It was a great weekend for all.

Thursday we took part in Scott’s 18th birthday lunch at Joe’s Pizza. It was a sweet and sour experience as it was the last time that we will get to carry on the tradition of Joe’s Pizza that was started in kindergarten. Mike, Susan, Bill and I started taking pizza to school for him and several of his friends till junior high, and then started checking them all out to go to Joe’s. It has always included Matt Burgess as his BD is the day before Scott’s. The boys that were guests are: Matt Burgess, Reed Cone, Neal Burcham, Chase and Gavin Roberts. Kelsey Fagala was also a guest.

As I write this, we are awaiting news at any time of the birth of Ryder Lee Reynolds. So, far have only heard that things are progressing well. Ryder is the long awaited son of Mitchell and Hayley Reynolds. Grandparents, Terry and Lori Reynolds, and great-grandparents, Ed and Linda Hammontree.