The following students have been chosen to serve as ambassadors at Julia Lee Moore Elementary for the 2011-12 school year. 

Student ambassadors assist new students in becoming familiar with the school. They are selected based on positive character traits and are encouraged to further develop leadership skills as part of the program.

First grade — Tripp Wagnon, Helen Claire Murphy, Alex Bowman, Taylor Tinsley, Joey Baldwin and Maggie Whittingham.

Second grade — Will Vint, Kendall Rhodes, Quinn Papa, Regan Lucero, Sam Caplan and Zabei Frank.

Third grade — Collin Cunningham, Kameran Heaslet, Timothy Washington, Lily Butler, Cole Vangsness and Anna Lenser.

Fourth grade — Austin Minister, Ali Fisher, Austin Koeth, Rosemary Gaj, Quincy Fourte and Grace Hall.