A Spotted Gallery from the UCA homecoming pep rally is available here.

UCA homecoming pep rally was held Tuesday at the Farris Center.  (First photo) UCA homecoming court front row left to right Beth Campbell, Aeiress Duhart, Abbey Eckert, Bridget Thomas. Top row right to left Amber Pawloski, Amber Westbrook, Ashley Fleener Morgan Linn. (Second photo) Pictured are top left to right Portia Cheethan, Miraka Addridy, Stephanie Laster.  Middle left to right, Kiara Bell, Sheketa Dotson, Nene Williams, Kelsy Bennett.  Bottom, Jordan Fletcher. (Third photo) UCA students cheer at the pep rally held Tuesday. Homecoming activities continue all week and will include a homecoming party at Centennial Valley Country Club on Friday, as well as a spirit march and bonfire on campus on Friday. The Class of 1961 will have a champagne breakfast at 9 a.m. Saturday, and various groups will have tailgate parties throughout the day. The homecoming game against Southeastern Louisiana University begins at 6 p.m. at Estes Stadium, with coronation of the homecoming queen at half-time. STEVE WRIGHT JR. OF WRIGHT WAY PHOTOGRAPHY  PHOTOS