An 82-year-old crime victim’s report on a woman who took money from her purse in July has led to an arrest last week that may help investigators with the Conway Police Department put a face to a description that residents have been reporting for several months. Maria Foxx, 32, was arrested for outstanding warrants as well as theft of property involving the stolen cash.

According to a police report from the July incident, an 82-year-old woman made contact with officers when Foxx showed up to her home with the intent of paying the woman back the $10 she had borrowed from her on another occasion. The woman told the officers that Foxx had showed up at her door and said she needed $10 for gas money to get to Jacksonville, so the woman gave her the money. When Foxx showed up to repay the money, she told the woman to give her a $10 bill and she would give the woman back a $20 bill. The woman stated that she didn’t feel like Foxx was going to give her the $20, so she took back her $10, which is when Foxx asked the woman if she could fill her water bottle in the woman’s kitchen. 

The woman took the bottle to the sink, and when she turned around, she noticed Foxx taking something out of her purse and then running to the door. The woman attempted to follow Foxx to see which direction she went, but was unable to see her. Officers searched the area at the time but did not locate her. From the description the woman gave officers of the suspect, they were able to show the woman a photo of Foxx, which the woman identified as the person who had been in her home that day.

In recent months, other people, usually elderly, have reported that a woman matching Foxx’s description has knocked on their doors and asked to use their phone or for some water and after the woman left their homes, they noticed money missing from their purses. Investigators have been working on the case and had put together a description of a suspect from the officers who responded to the calls reporting stolen money.

 Last week, a chance sighting by a couple of Conway officers has landed Foxx behind bars.

While patrolling in the area of Robins and Harkrider, one of the officers spotted Foxx riding a bicycle and believed that she had outstanding warrants. When the warrants were confirmed, the officers arrested Foxx and will be working to determine if she is linked to the other incidents involving the elderly.

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