The Mayflower City Council approved a resolution Tuesday allowing the city to open a new general fund checking account that will be used to save funds to be put toward a new police station.

The city will place $10,000 in the account and then make regular monthly deposits from rental income until enough funds have accumulated to make a down payment toward the new facility. 

"We just have that little building that’s behind our fire station," Barbara Mathes, assistant to the mayor, said. "We’re just needing more space. Everybody’s pretty crowded." 

The current station, Mathes said, was previously a branch for Regions Bank.

Mayflower Police Chief Billy Baker said, "There’s just no room. That’s the only thing."

Mathes said he hopes the new building can be built behind city hall.

The checking account will accrue an annual interest of 1.75 percent, treasurer Dale Carter said. Carter said the city hopes to receive matching grants for the facility.

The council approved nine other resolutions Tuesday.

It adopted a resolution that would place a levy of four mils on the dollar upon the assessment of all taxable real and personal property in the city.

Five of the resolutions were passed in ordinance with a levee grant the city is seeking that will repair a levee on Jackson Ave. and provide for other work. 

The council adopted a resolution allowing Mayor Randy Holland to apply for a Trails for Life grant.

"We’re trying to put a walking trail around the park, just for exercise and that sort of thing," Holland said.

The cost of the trail is $33,675.

The council also adopted a resolution that authorizes the city to open a water fund checking account. The city will deposit $288 into the account each month until the money in the account is equal to the amount of a one-year bond payment.

The last resolution passed in Tuesday’s meeting authorizes the city to purchase a new service truck for the water department. The current truck, Mathes said, has mechanical problems too expensive to repair.

The resolution will allow $24,000 to be spent on the new truck.

The council approved an ordinance that amended ordinance 2004-10, which now allows nonresidential lots along Highway 365 to have a single-ground mounted sign not to exceed 16 feet high, 64 square feet in area, and a setback of 10 feet from the property line.

The amendment also states that nonresidential areas along Highway 365 may have one free-standing sign no higher than 75 feet and no more than 75 square feet in area per side of sign for each business. Each lot is allowed one free-standing sign with a minimum of 10 feet setback from either the front or rear property line.

The ordinance states that all signs must be approved by the Mayflower Planning Commission.