Drew Pritt, a Democratic activist who ran for lieutenant governor in 2006 as the first openly gay candidate for statewide office in Arkansas, has announced he will challenge Tim Griffin for U.S. Congress in the state’s 2nd Congressional District.

"I believe this is going to be an unorthodox year in American politics," said Pritt. "I believe Americans need someone in U.S. Congress who understands the struggles of being unemployed, owning a small business or who understands what it means to be denied basic civil rights because of who you love or choose to share your life with. I believe most of all its time to stop being politically safe and let’s truly be a democracy where we stand by our pledge when it says liberty and justice for all. All means all, not just some. That means civil liberties and economic liberty for ALL Americans, not just some. I am running for U.S. Congress to shake things up and be a voice that helps to get America working again!"

Pritt said his main issues in running are economically based.

"It’s Economics 101," said Pritt. "The only way to produce wealth is grow it, plant it or make it. We have become a nation of consumers of foreign products. Therefore we have a huge foreign debt and huge national debt. We must develop all the U.S. energy resources available in a responsible manner — coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. Cutting spending is good but will not solve all the deficit problems by itself. The key to reducing the deficit is putting Americans back to work."

Pritt is a political consultant. He ran for lieutenant governor in 2006 and Little Rock School Board in 2007, losing both races. 

Pritt lives in Little Rock. He is a member of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. He is a member of the Pulaski County Democratic Committee, the Arkansas Democratic Party, national Stonewall Democrats, Supporter of the Arkansas Black Democratic Caucus and the Arkansas Hispanic Democratic Caucus, the National Cathedral Association, the Lions Club, and Diamond State Rodeo Association.