Last week this column did not appear because
I was on a trip to New York. Going into my adventure, I anticipated
a bit of culture shock, but there are some things you just have to experience
to appreciate.
One of the first places my group went after dropping
off our bags at the hotel was Times Square. Perhaps that was a good way to get geared up for the constant activity over the next few days. My eyes darted continually – so many people to look at, words to read, so much artistry to appreciate – all this while walking at the average speed of New York foot traffic. My brain began to feel overloaded. Every time I said “excuse
me” to a person who breezed within a millimeter
of me but pretended not to see me, I began to feel rather dumb.
We were pretty hungry, as we had been traveling all day with not much to eat. The choices were so numerous it seemed your best option was to ask someone who knew the area or hope you stumbled into somewhere famous.
I am pretty happy to be back in what now looks like a much smaller town with people I already knew I liked (but now even more so). I only have one restaurant to talk about this week, and that seems a little more manageable
than the horde of choices last week.
Chicken place
Chicken King is now open at 2526 Donaghey Ave., Suite 101. Quenton and Jamie King and Darryl
Talley are the owners. They have a location in North Little Rock, and they expect to open another
store in Little Rock once the Conway location gets going.
They have fried chicken,
shrimp, pork chops, wings, etc.
Antiques and
estate sales
Gary Hogan is opening Bestway Estate Sales at 2323 Washington Ave. in about a week. He has been doing interior design for many years and will continue
designing out of this location. He will also take in consignment antiques, furniture and home décor and hold estate sales. Some new items will also be for sale. Call 501-499-6714 for more information.
Gift shop
I noticed Especially For You has moved from North Donaghey Avenue to Old Morrilton Highway in the area across from Lowe’s. This store specializes in gift items, especially engraved or otherwise personalized items.
(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist.
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