Conway Civic League
As members of Conway Civic League entered the dimly lit foyer of Conway Country Club for the October
meeting they were greeted by a scary sight. At the check-in table was a figure dressed all in black brandishing an ax in a threatening gesture. As the ladies looked more closely, their fright turned to laughter as they recognized
fellow member Wanda
Meador in her “costume” welcoming them in the spirit of Haloween. Thirty-three members gathered in the Fireplace Room which was resplendent in Fall decorations of Jack o’lanterns, colorful leaves, gourds, fancy squash, votives
and pumpkins.
Hostesses were Cindy Hudson, Marion Baker, Florine Bell, Beckye Ezell and Wanda Meador. Marion Baker offered a blessing for the meal of meatball minestrone,
chicken spaghetti, garlic bread, fudge brownies
and beverages.
President Marshe McClanahan
introduced Phillip Fletcher, who established and pastors the Church at Oakwood in Conway. A second local church, the Church at Oakwood-South has since been founded. In 2009, along with his wife, Nicolle, they co-founded the City of Hope Outreach, whose mission is to provide advocacy, education and integration specifically in low-income areas. Through activities such as 3 R’s Tutoring,
King’s Club and the Summer Lunch initiative, City of Hope has sought to be a catalyst in promoting the idea that people should care for others freely and graciously. Mr. Fletcher is author of a forth-coming
book, “The Excellence of God: Essays on Theology
and Doxology.” His guest was Michael Kidd who, upon college graduation,
will minister at City of Hope Outreach. The program
carried out the club’s October theme, “Simply Caring.”
Charter member Polly Bumpers led in the recitation
of the Collect.
Secretary Nancy Williams
called the roll and read minutes of the September
Sandra Hudson gave the treasurer’s report and noted
receipt of a thank you note from CAPCA for monetary
contributions. She also shared notes of thanks from families of deceased members Nelle Scott and Mary Catherine Maxey.
Vice president Sharon Lessenberry previewed the November program with the theme of “Simply Listening.” Member Susan
Standridge will speak about King Henry VIII.
In expressing the Club’s appreciation for her two years of service as president,
Rosanne Johnson was presented an honorarium from the club. The gift will be given to Cradle Care, an outreach of Rosanne’s church, First Presbyterian.
The group united their voices in singing “Happy Birthday” to the following:
Gay Moore, Molsie Osborne,
Terry Hendrickson, Melanie Conner, Rosanne Johnson, Faye Hunnicutt, Polly Bumpers and Susan Standridge.
Ella Reese invited members
to an up-coming reception
honoring an important birthday for Faye Hunnicutt
that was held Oct. 23 at Four Winds Church.
Pat Ott moved for adjournment,
Faye Hunnicutt seconded and it was done.