Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Shoplifting, Walmart, 1155 Skyline Drive. Officers were called to the business by a loss prevention employee who stated that he observed three boys attempt to steal a box of condoms from the store. Two of the boys were minors and were turned over to their parents, one of the boys was of legal age and was cited with theft of property and transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center for processing.

2. Aggravated assault, 1900 block of Tyler Street. Officers were called to the area when someone called to report that a shot had been fired in the neighborhood. While driving through the area, officers made contact with the landlord for the property who pointed them in the direction of the disturbance. When the officers exited their vehicle, they heard yelling coming from inside one of the units. They announced who they were and were told to come in. A woman explained that there had been a domestic disturbance that evening and during the scuffle, the mother of the victim advised her son to get a gun. The son fired the weapon in the air one time, and did not point the weapon at anyone involved in the altercation. However, the son is a felon and is prohibited from being in possession of a firearm. He was arrested and transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center.

3. Theft of property, Walmart, 3900 Dave Ward Drive. Officers were called to the business by loss prevention employees who stated that they had surveillance footage of a couple who had stolen five laptop computers from the store. The loss prevention employees stated that the man and woman got through a locked cabinet where the computers are kept, conceal the computers in a tote bag and then the woman went to the rest room. When she exited the rest room, she met up with her partner and they exited the store and met a third person in the parking lot who was waiting in a vehicle. Officers were given a copy of the surveillance and information from an employee who could identify the suspects. The investigation is ongoing.

4. Shoplifting, Belk’s, 601 Elsinger Boulevard. Officers were called to the store by a loss prevention employee who stated that a man she recognized as having stolen from the Belk’s in Little Rock had walked out of the store with six Garmin GPS devices. The employee stated that she ran outside to go after him but that he had a partner waiting in a vehicle for him and they drove off. A copy of the surveillance footage from the thefts was given to the officers.

5. Fraudulent use of credit card, 700 block of Chestnut Street. Officers made contact with a man who stated that he had hired a man to remodel a houseboat for him and had let the man use his Lowe’s credit card to purchase supplies for the job. The man stated that when he got his credit card statement, he noticed that the suspect had purchased a number of items for his own personal use. The man stated he gave the suspect an item to sell but he had not given the man any money for the item or the items he purchased for himself. The man was made aware of the warrant process.

6. Burglary, residential, 1500 block of Winstead Drive. Officers responded to the area when a woman called to report that her home had been burglarized . The woman stated that when she got home, she came in through the garage and went to her room to rest. A little while later she noticed that her bedroom light and fan were not on and she was sure she had left them on earlier. The woman waited until her son returned to have him check the lights and at that time noticed that there was a trail of jewelry from her bedroom to the bathroom down the hall. The woman showed the officers where the thieves had knocked a screen off of the window in her son’s room to gain access to the home. The woman stated that it appeared as though nothing was taken, but she would call back if she discovered anything missing.

7. Criminal mischief-first degree, 2100 block of Harkrider Street. While on routine patrol in the area, an officer noticed a large amount of water in front of a business. When the officer checked the area, he noted that it appeared as though a vehicle had been driving northbound and had went across all lanes of traffic to strike the fire hydrant. The water was filling up the parking lot and the road, so Conway Corp. workers were dispatched to repair the damage. A passerby told the officer that a vehicle had struck the hydrant when it left the road and another vehicle came to assist the driver. They both left the area and traveled towards Interstate 40. An alert was issued for the suspect’s vehicle. 

8. Breaking or entering, 2300 block of Maplewood Drive. A woman made contact with officers to report that her vehicle as well as her husband’s had been burglarized overnight. The woman stated that neither vehicle had been damaged but both had been gone through. A rain coat was taken from one of the vehicles and a lap top and printer was taken from the other vehicle as well as a social security card. The woman stated that her vehicle was locked and she wasn’t sure how the suspects got in it. Officers were not able to locate fingerprints on the vehicle.

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