Battery - third degree, 2300 block of Remington Road.

Officers responded to the area when a woman called to report that her son was being verbally abusive and acting "not like himself." The woman also stated that her son was completely naked and pacing around her living room. When the officers arrived they asked the man to put on his clothes and he replied "don’t shoot me". The officers told the man they did not intend to shoot him but he did need to put some clothes on and talk to them. He put on some shorts but would not answer any questions. He began to pace back and forth in the living room and kitchen causing the officers to ask the man if he would stay still and speak with them. He refused but walked toward one of the officers and tried to grab his arm. The officers apprehended the man, who tried to get away from them by kicking and refusing to walk or stand. While the officers were carrying him to their patrol unit, the man kicked one of the officers in the crotch, causing the officer to fall while holding on to the suspect. The man was taken to the Faulkner County Detention Center for processing. The officer noted in his report that while he did not need medical attention as a result of being kicked, he "had temporary pain and was temporarily nauseous."