Rocky Lawrence, a former candidate for Faulkner County Sheriff, has announced he will be running for the Arkansas House of Representatives for District 72, which includes the eastern part of Conway and some of the outlying area.

"Today, it is with great excitement, that I announce my candidacy for District 72 State Representative," he said in a statement. "The decision to withdraw from the sheriff’s race and change direction comes from much prayer and counsel from family, friends and people in our community. I wholeheartedly believe that the voice of the people must be restored in our country and today I stand convinced the citizens of District 72 deserve a choice between two very different visions for Arkansas and America. 

"The newly formed District 72 encompasses the heart of Conway and it also happens to be where my family calls home. It’s an incredible place, full of incredible people. It’s a place that cannot afford the job-killing policies of Washington D.C. 

"The choice for District 72 will be very clear. It will be a race between very different visions for America. I’m running to put a stop to the over reaching and intrusive policies of big government. This is in stark contrast to the beliefs of Steve Magie, who helped craft ObamaCare and has been a steadfast supporter of Barack Obama’s vision for America. 

"As America wakes up from the Obama experiment, the great people of this district cannot afford to continue that experiment on the local level with Steve Magie. America has soundly rejected big government policies like ObamaCare and Conway has already rejected Steve Magie this past election cycle. 

"Simply put, you cannot be for jobs and big government. As we are seeing in Washington, D.C., the two cannot co-exist. I will bring a life’s worth of executive, business and law-enforcement experience to Little Rock in order to fight for policies that build Arkansans dreams not destroy them. I invite you to join our movement at"

Lawrence and his wife, Debra, have two children, Carly, 12, and Wyatt, 10.

His wife is co-owner of Conway Women’s Health Center and Cosmetic Laser Solutions.