Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Harassing communications, 500 block of South German Lane. A woman made contact with an officer at the police station to report that she was being harassed by a man who at the time of the harassment was being held at the Faulkner County Detention Center. The woman told the officer that she was told that the suspect was allowed to have his phone at the time so he could contact people about him being arrested. The suspect sent a text message to the woman to warn her that she "would get what is coming to her." The woman told the officer that she wanted a report filed in case anything happens to her or her property. The woman was advised of the warrant process.

2. Miscellaneous incident, 1400 block of Huebner Street. Officers responded to the area in reference to a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they saw a woman standing outside with a small child and a man standing in the street. The woman told the officers that she and her husband had been arguing about finances and that he had verbally assaulted her. The officer asked the woman what she meant and the woman explained that he had been yelling at her, calling her names and had "got in her face." The officer asked the woman if her husband had hit her or acted like he was going to hit her and she denied that he had, but said he had spit in her face. The man stated that he didn’t intentionally spit in her face and when he was yelling he may have gotten too close to her and "she may have gotten some saliva on her during the yelling." The woman was advised that the officers could not "make her husband stop calling her names if it is done in private and unless there was physical abuse, or apprehension of physical abuse, there was nothing they could do." The couple was advised to settle their issues between themselves and possibly "part ways" before things escalated.

3. Harassing communications, 1100 block of Skyline Drive. Officers responded to a hotel in the area in reference to an incident of harassment. They made contact with a couple who stated that they were being harassed by a woman they had previously worked for and resided with. The man told the officer that he and his girlfriend did not have anywhere to stay so they placed an online ad stating that they needed a place to stay and in return, his girlfriend would assume housekeeping duties. The couple stated that they had moved in with a lady but had since moved out. They stated that since they left, the woman has been harassing them by phone and texts. The man stated that he decided to involve the police when he opened his hotel room door to find a bottle of melatonin pills with a note that read "I hear you can go to jail over these! Maybe I can save you a trip. Make them last." The couple stated that they believe that the woman placed the bottle there but did not have any proof that she had. The couple was advised of the warrant process.

4. Harassing communications, 2100 block of Prince Street. A woman made contact with officers to report that an acquaintance has been harassing her on Facebook. The woman stated that she received a message that was sexually explicit, so she blocked the suspect from being able to see her account and deleted the message. The victim stated that she wanted to file a complaint in case the harassment continues.

5. Terroristic threatening, 400 block of Polk Street. A woman made contact with officers to report that earlier in the day, two men were in her yard looking for a cell phone they stated that they lost the night before. A man arrived while the officers were speaking with the woman who stated that the men had punched him and had threatened to shoot him when he got out of his vehicle at the residence. The officers advised that extra patrols would be conducted in the area and both parties were advised to call immediately if the suspects returned to the area.

6. Theft of property, Walmart, 1155 Skyline Drive. A woman made contact with officers to report that she had accidently left her purse in a shopping cart and drove off. When she returned for the purse, it was gone. Loss prevention employees are reviewing the video surveillance tapes to see if a suspect was caught taking the purse. The victim told the officers that her debit card had already been used for a gas purchase at a nearby store. The investigation is ongoing.

7. Theft of property, 600 block of South Mitchell Street. A woman contacted an officer to report that a man she had paid for the purchase of an Xbox gaming system had not delivered the system to her as promised. The woman gave the officer a hand-written time line of the transactions based on 93 text messages sent from the suspect. She was advised of the warrant process.

8. Theft of property, 800 block of Amity Road. A man contacted an officer to report that his license plate was missing or had been stolen off of his vehicle. The man stated that he believed the last time he saw the plate was two days prior to it being missing. The man stated he wanted to file a report in case the plate ended up being part of any illegal activity.

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