Miscellaneous incident, 1400 block of Huebner St.

Officers responded to the area in reference to a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they saw a woman standing outside with a small child and a man standing in the street. The woman told the officers that she and her husband had been arguing about finances and that he had verbally assaulted her. The officer asked the woman what she meant and the woman explained that he had been yelling at her, calling her names and had "got in her face". The officer asked the woman if her husband had hit her or acted like he was going to hit her and she denied that he had, but said he had spit in her face. The man stated that he didn’t intentionally spit in her face and when he was yelling he may have gotten too close to her and "she may have gotten some saliva on her during the yelling." The woman was advised that the officers could not "make her husband stop calling her names if it is done in private and unless there was physical abuse, or apprehension of physical abuse, there was nothing they could do." The couple was advised to settle their issues between themselves and possibly "part ways" before things escalated.