A Conway Police Department incident report stated that officers responded to June Beene Garden Apartments for a theft of property report. According to a woman on scene, her boyfriend took her cell phone without her permission and left the area. Another officer was given the description of the vehicle, and the vehicle and subject were located nearby.

"Immediately, I noticed there were two cell phones in the passenger seat. I asked (the subject) why his girlfriend was calling and stating that he stole her phone. (The subject) stated that his girlfriend got his phone several days prior and went through it and he was simply getting back at her and intended to go through her phone," the report stated. 

Dispatch advised that the male subject was driving with a suspended license. The female subject arrived and claimed her cell phone and the male subject's vehicle so that it did not have to be towed. 

The report stated that no arrest was made, and that the two were on speaking terms. 

"...An arrest was not made for theft by receiving and this appeared to be more of a childish game incident," the report stated.