Officers responded to a business in the 2400 block of Christina Lane in reference to a woman who had been harassing the employees of the business, including the management.

The manager spoke with the officers and explained that the woman had applied for a job at the business and was turned down, which angered her. When the woman called to find out why she wasn’t being hired, she began to yell and curse at the staff and she was hung up on.

She called back immediately and began yelling and cursing as soon as someone at the business answered the line. The manager stated that the woman kept her staff from doing their jobs and tied up the phone lines for the business by calling more than 60 times within 25 minutes.

The manager stated that she contacted the phone company to have the woman’s number blocked but she was told she was unable to do so. The manager was advised to speak with a representative from the city attorney’s office to take further action.