Aggravated assault, 900 block of E. Oak St.

A man called to report that he had been the victim of a road rage incident. When officers arrived at his location, he explained that he was driving home from work when another driver swerved into his lane of traffic and almost hit him. The man stated that he had flicked his lights at the suspect to let him know he was there, which caused the suspect to slam on his brakes. The man stated that he had to swerve into an oncoming lane of traffic to avoid hitting the suspect’s vehicle. The man stated that the suspect then pulled a handgun out and pointed it at him and told the man that he was going to kill him. The man gave the officers the suspect’s license plate number but when the officer’s researched the number in the database, the plate did not show that it belonged to the vehicle the man said the suspect was driving. The investigation is ongoing.