Abuse, 1100 block of Morningside Drive.

Officers were dispatched to an elderly care facility in reference to a report of abuse. When they arrived, they spoke with an employee of the facility who stated that the family members of an 82-year-old patient requested that an abuse report be filed because she had been given a glass with a straw in it. The family members told the employee that "they were going to kill (the patient) by letting her use a straw." The employee stated that he is required to file a report when an accusation of abuse is reported to him. However, the officer noted in his report that he could not find a statute that made this incident a crime. According to a registered nurse from another local elderly care facility, the only way the resident would have been harmed by the straw is if she had a condition in which she had difficulty swallowing and was supposed to only drink thickened liquids. If a straw was placed in a normal glass of liquid, the patient might choke from attempting to swallow too much, too fast.