Missing Person, 800 block of Oak St.

A man made contact with officers to report that his wife was missing. The man stated that she had left their home two days before he called for help to go shopping for a birthday present for one of their children. The man stated that he and his wife had been having problems and she had been coming home late at night. A woman arrived at the scene who stated that the missing woman’s mother had spoken with the missing woman that day so officers attempted to make contact with her. The woman’s mother told the officers that her daughter had been seeing one of her husband’s co-workers and that she had texted to say that she was going to Little Rock with the man. The officers then made contact with the boyfriend’s employer who gave the officers the man’s address. While en route to the address, the officers located the missing woman’s vehicle at a local restaurant. The missing woman’s mother called to say that she had spoken with her daughter who was staying at a local motel. One officer went to the motel, but could not find the woman. Another officer made contact with the woman at the restaurant when she came to pick up her vehicle. The woman was hesitant to tell the officers what was going on, but when they told her that they did not have to tell her husband where she was or who she was with, she explained that she had been with her boyfriend and not being held against her will. The officers noted that she did not have any injuries and appeared to be unharmed. The officers made contact with the woman’s husband to advise that she was safe. No further action was taken.