This is the last week to see The Tri-County Show at the Faulkner County Library.

The show will come down on Saturday to make room for the annual "small works for sale" show by the Conway League of Artists.

The Tri-County show has 99 works of art and many styles represented within the five categories.

The works are by members of the Conway League of Artists and artists from Faulkner, Conway and Perry Counties.

Many of the pieces are for sale.

Show judge Jason McCann attended school at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro as well as the University of Central Arkansas where he receiving a bachelor of arts in education.

In 2007, he completed his master of arts degree in painting and drawing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Since 1995, his artwork has been displayed in numerous shows and exhibitions across the southeast United States. The focus of his work is urban architecture and figurative subject matter.

He teaches art at Little Rock Central High School, as well as at Arkansas Governor’s School and in group lessons from his studio space.

Judge’s statement

"Whenever I’m asked to evaluate artworks, whether it is a critique of my students work or as a judge of a show like this, I tend to stick to a similar set of ground rules. Does the artist understand the materials they are using? What are they attempting to communicate? And, are they willing to take chances or risks with their techniques and concepts." McCann said.

"These awarded works show a variety of subjects and convey very different messages. Whether it is a weathered store front, a simple landscape, or a beautiful still life that reminds us that the ordinary subjects can sometimes create the most sophisticated images," McCann said.


• Best in Show: Jan Crummer, Oil/Acrylic — "Studio Still Life"

• Jackie Guerin Memorial Award — Beauty in Nature: Nina Ruth Baker  - "Provence Dandelions"

• Oil/Acrylic: 1st — Victoria Harvey — "Cranberry Harvest," 2nd — Pat White — "Amaryllis," 3rd — Marvin Crummer — "Fruit Bowl"

Honorable Mention — Charlotte Bailey Rierson — "Atlanta Smoldering in Ruins."

• Water-Based Media: 1st — Susann Waggoner — "Cash for Silver and Gold," 2nd — Charlotte Bailey Rierson - "If This Tree Could Talk," 3rd — Sheila Parsons — "Spider Creek #2, ″Honorable Mention — Sandra Ake — "Crooked Creek Falls"

• Dry Media: 1st — Susann Waggoner — "He’s On His Way~ He Will Be Here Soon," 2nd — Mary Ann Stafford — "At the River Market," 3rd — Mary Ann Stafford — "On the Hill."

• Photo/Computer Generated: 1st — Tim Donar — "Baby Bird," 2nd — Mercedes Lide — "Up Close Dahlia," 3rd — Anne DeLorenzo — "Glass," Honorable Mention — Katie Keck — "Hendrix Gazebo."

• 3-D/Installations: 1st - Tim Imhauser — "Southwestern Flavor," 2nd -  Lois Giorgis — "Family," Honorable Mention — Tim Imhauser — "Jar with Lid."