Computer trespass, 10 block of Laura Lane.

An officer made contact with a man who stated that someone was hacking into his online accounts. The man stated that several e-mails from the accounts have been deleted by the unknown suspect. The man also stated that recently, the suspects were able to monitor his location using his cell phone and attempted to break into his home while he was in Little Rock. At the time of the incident, his home security system was also being hacked so the company could not view the incident or contact the man about the incident. The man stated that the suspects have changed the passwords to his accounts so he is unable to log into them. The man gave a copy of his statements to the officer and has given officials with the department permission to check his computer. The man stated that he believes the suspects are his wife and her new boyfriend who happens to be a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Deputy. Also, an agent with the state police may be involved. The man stated that he was leaving the city soon for an undisclosed location because the FBI in Arkansas have refused to help him. No further action was taken.