Domestic battering - third degree, 4800 block of Shepherds Creek Drive.

Officers were called to the area in reference to a physical domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they made contact with a man who stated that his girlfriend had broken a window out of his apartment and fled the scene. The officers noted that there was blood everywhere inside the home, on the door and all over the floor. The man stated that his girlfriend showed up at his apartment and was intoxicated. She came inside the home and went to take a shower while he fell asleep on the couch. The man stated that the suspect woke him up and became irate because she had found condoms in the trash. The man stated that he told the suspect they were not his, but she became increasingly irate and attempted to mess up his apartment. The man stated that he told the suspect to stop and to wait outside and he would call a friend to come get her. The woman continued to make a mess of the apartment and then bit the man on the back. At that time, the man stated he physically grabbed the woman and put her outside, but she busted the window with her fist and climbed back inside the residence. The man stated that he advised the woman he was calling the police and that is when the woman left the residence. The officers as well as members of the fire department searched the area for the woman because of the large amount of blood found at the scene, but she was not located. The man stated he didn’t want to press charges even though she bit him, but he did want her to pay for the damages to his apartment. The officer filed the paperwork for a misdemeanor arrest warrant for the woman when she is located.