Disorderly conduct, 2800 block of Pebble Beach Drive.

Officers were called to the area in reference to a disturbance. When they arrived a group of people pointed to the direction the suspect had gone and the officer found him a short time later screaming for his girlfriend to come back to him. The officers noted that the man was highly intoxicated. The man told the officers that he had been seeing several women but was not "Facebook official" with any of them. He stated one woman had visited him earlier in the day and when his girlfriend came to see him that evening, she found the other woman’s toiletries in the shower and became irate. The man stated that his girlfriend started throwing things around his house and they had argued. The girlfriend told the officers that this was the second time she had caught the man cheating and that he had tried to hold her down while she was crying and put his hand over her mouth when they were arguing so the police would not be called. Both parties were advised to return to their own homes for the night. No further action was taken.