Undecorated, natural trees left over from Christmas will be put to use as underwater fish habitats in an effort organized by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Until Jan. 23, residents may take trees to Lawrence Landing access ramp at Lake Conway as a drop-off point. 

The Game and Fish’s fisheries division will distribute the discarded trees around the lake.

Fisheries quarters’ Debra Dickson said that fish utilize the trees as underwater structure for cover.

"The trees are good for crappie, bluegill, bass, pretty much any fish to hide in and around," Dickson said. "It’s a cheap way to provide the underwater structure." 

Dickson said trees last about two years underwater before limbs decompose, but tree stumps provide structure for many years.

Arkansas Game and Fish would ask that trees be undecorated and free of any obstruction before they are taken to the drop-off point.

Anglers may also take trees from the drop-off point to favorite fishing points around the lake. 

Residents or businesses who need assistance with the removal of several trees or directions to Lawrence Landing may contact the district office at 877-470-3309.

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