Several criminal cases have been slated for trial in 2012 and Cody Hiland, 20th Judicial District prosecuting attorney said his office is anticipating a very busy start to the new year. 

The following list of defendants are set for jury trial from January through March:

Jan. 4 — Terryeon Parham who is charged with battery in the second degree for an incident that took place at the Corner Pantry store. Parham is accused of hitting the store’s owner. 

Jan. 11 — Jeremy Romine, theft of property.

Jan. 12-13 — Daniel Klosky, child pornography. Klosky is charged with 38 counts of possession/distribution of child pornography.

Jan. 18 —  Michael Wilkins, rape. 

Jan. 20 — Ronnie Buckner, battery in the second degree.  

Jan. 25 — 26, James Saulsberry, murder in the first degree. Saulsberry is accused of shooting his girlfriend, Janna Jones in the head in December of 2010. Saulsberry drove Jones to Conway Regional Medical Center following the shooting. She was later transported to University of Arkansas for Medical Science where she was taken off life support and died 11 days later.

Feb. 1 — Elias Cuatepotzo, rape.   

Feb. 2 — Nicholas Paxton, rape. 

Feb. 7-8 — Edward Bolen, rape. Bolen is charged with statutory rape, forcible sexual assault, sexual assault with an object, forcible sodomy and forcible rape. The alleged incidents occurred over a span of 10 years and involve two minor victims, ages 12 and 14 who were known to him. Bolen had his bond revoked shortly after being charged with the crimes for contacting an individual on Facebook that was named in a no contact order he was served with.

Feb. 15 — Zachery Freeman, felony domestic battery. Freeman is charged in the shaking death of his infant step-child.

Feb. 14-17 — Ronald Britton, capital murder. Britton is charged in the stabbing death of 26-year-old Michelle Asher of Greenbrier in August 2010. Asher was found dead in her backyard Aug. 14 with multiple stab wounds to the neck and torso. Britton was arrested later that day in El Paso.

Feb. 28–March 1 — Harley Inthisone, attempted murder. Inthisone shot Conway Police Officer Matthew Kimery when he responded to the residence of Inthisone’s girlfriend to have him leave the property. Inthisone was involved in a four-hour stand-off with the department after wounding Kimery. 

March 6 — Tony Luckett,  three counts of sexual assault. 

March 7 — Curtis Williams, aggravated assault.

March 7 — Stephen Uekman, rape.  

March 13-14 — Gregory Pointer, theft of property and breaking and entering. 

March 15-16 — Jesus Jasso, sexual assault. Jasso was extradited back to Arkansas after fleeing the state when faced with charges of sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter. 

March 28-29 — Gleand Brock, aggravated robbery, theft of property. 

Hiland said all of the listed trials could be continued or a plea reached if his office feels it is appropriate.

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