Communicating a false alarm, 2000 block of Rich Smith Lane.

A woman from Georgia called to report that she had just spoken with her brother and he had confessed to killing his wife and told her that the FBI was looking for him. The woman had contacted a police officer in Georgia and he spoke with the Conway officer to advise that he did not show the suspect to have any active warrants or any criminal history. The Conway officer found an address for the suspect but neighbors in the area stated that the suspect did not live there and advised that he may be living in Mayflower. Later that evening, the Georgia officer contacted the Conway officer again and advised that they had traced the suspect’s cell phone to a two-mile block in Conway. The officer went to the address and spoke with the suspect who stated that he had played a practical joke on his sister and his wife was fine at their home in Mayflower. The officer spoke with the suspect’s wife but requested a Faulkner County Sheriff’s Deputy to check on the woman. The woman confirmed her husband’s story when the deputy made contact with her and advised that she was fine. The officer noted that while the suspect could have been charged with communicating a false alarm, he decided against arresting the suspect because he believed that the suspect "just got a little carried away in a practical joke" and hadn’t intended to make his sister believe he had killed his wife. The officer informed the authorities in Georgia of the situation.