Suspicious person, Burger King, 905 Skyline Drive.

Management at the restaurant contacted an officer to report that a man they did not recognize as an employee, although he had on a uniform, came behind the counter, asked for a bucket and a rag and began wiping down tables in the lobby. When a supervisor approached the man and asked him for his information, he gave her a name but left the building as she was checking the name with the company’s computer system. An officer went to the Burger King on Oak Street to see if the person was a new employee at that location and had just gone to the wrong store, but management at the location advised the same man had just been at the business. The manager said that the man had been acting as though he was working in the lobby of the restaurant and when the manager approached him, he left the area. The manager stated that he thought the man was acting "goofy" and he believes the incident may be some sort of prank. Video surveillance from the restaurant was provided to the officers in case the incident was something more serious.