By a margin of two to one, all four measures of the tax rededication package for Conway passed Tuesday night.

With 2,117 votes counted, the unofficial results showed around 1,400 votes for each of the four measures with approximately 700 against.

“I am elated,” said Conway Mayor Tab Townsell, who spoke about the results by phone. “It is an extreme shot and definitely a boost of confidence that all of the measures fell pretty much in line.”

Unofficial results showed 757 early votes, 36 absentee votes and 1,324 votes on election day. For question 1, 1,397 voted for, and 710 voted against. For question 2, 1,413 voted for, and 686 voted against. For question 3, 1,404 voted for, and 700 voted against. For question 4, 1,366 voted for, and 730 voted against.

The results are still unofficial and will be certified Friday.

“It is reassuring that the votes were not staggered among the four measures,” Townsell said. “I think that it is a statement that the people know that the city council is going to do what they said they would do.”

Townsell said the plan is laid out to purchase bonds and divide the quarter cent tax into two areas, which will add to the general fund and pay existing debt toward the police station as well as modernize the fire department and sanitation department.

“That bond money will come early, but the people should know that the rest of the money collected by the tax will slowly come in, and by the end of the year, we will be able to do everything that we have stated,” Townsell said.

The council had pledged before the election to commit $500,000 to the general reserve fund for four years and create a true general reserve of $2 million by 2016. In addition, it will commit to purchasing new police vehicles annually, move $2 million out of the sanitation department into the general fund cash flow, and provide city employees a one-time bonus.

Election officials noted that not every measure had an exact number to the total number of votes because of under voting on some measures. The only precinct that voted against all four measures was 1C-S, which had nearly 60 percent vote against. Every other precinct had a majority voting for each measure.

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