The Faulkner County Quorum Court will address the proposed cost of living raise for all county employees during its monthly meeting Tuesday in the County Judge’s office.

The 3 percent raise has been recommended by the finance and administration committee and if approved by the court, would be the first raise of that size in three years. County employees received a 2 percent raise two years ago.

Departments which could be issued salary raises as well as an increase in social security and retirement include: County Judge’s office, County Clerk’s office, Circuit Clerk’s office, County Treasurer’s office, Sheriff’s Department, Assessor’s office, Circuit Court’s office, County Attorney’s office, Prosecuting Attorney’s office, Building Maintenance, County Jail, Coroner, Office of Emergency Management, Data Processing, Jail Juvenile Grant, Jail Fines, Victim Services, County Clerk Automation, Museum Fund, Collector, County Road Department, Criminal Justice, 9-1-1 Department, CMRS/PSAP Department, Juvenile Probation, County Recorder and Victim/Witness office.

The court will also consider a request to provide a 3 percent raise to full-time employees of the Faulkner County Library. The request falls under a separate ordinance because the library employees are not classified as county employees in terms of budgetary reasons.

The court will also consider requests to transfer funds within several departments. Those include the Juvenile Court, the 9-1-1 fund, the County Treasurer, the Election Commission, the Prosecuting Attorney and the Circuit Court.

In other business, the court will vote an a recommendation to establish reimbursements for travel expenses and meetings sponsored by the county and county entities.

The court will also consider a resolution authorizing Judge Preston Scroggin to apply for a grant on behalf of the Hilltop Fire Department for a new fire station. The department has plans to construct a new fire station at 109 Otto Road. The department has raised $75,000 through donations to apply toward the construction.