Election season is starting up in Faulkner County, and the filing period for candidates begins Thursday, Feb. 23 at noon.

Potential candidates running with a certain party affiliation must contact that particular party first for filing fees and rules regarding running for federal, state or local offices. Both parties will have representatives available to assist candidates.

Candidates can file for office from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 24 through Wednesday, Feb. 29. The final day to file will be Thursday, March 1 at noon.

Party pledges, if any, and affidavits of eligibility shall be filed, any filing fees of a political party, if any, shall be paid, and party certificates shall be issued by the party during regular office hours during the filing period. A party certificate and the political practices pledge shall be filed with the county clerk or the Secretary of State, as the case may be, during regular office hours during the party filing period.

The preferential primary election is May 22, the general primary runoff election is June 12 and the municipal party primary election is Aug. 14.

The school board election is Sept. 18 with a potential runoff election taking place Oct. 9.

The general election is Nov. 6, and any runoff from the general election will take place Nov 27.

Non-partisan judges who will run for office have already filed with the Faulkner County Clerk.

Anyone who needs to contact the Faulkner County Democratic Party for more information can call 501-328-2105 or email faulknerdems@gmail.com, and those who need to contact the Faulkner County Republican Party can call 501-329-8403 or email justice@ricopi.com.