Harassment, 1500 Hairston Ave.

A woman made contact with an officer to report that an older man in a white van approached her as she was walking in a parking lot and tried to get her inside his van. The woman stated that she told the suspect that she was not interested and tried to get home as quickly as possible because her house is about a block away. However, the suspect followed her there and went to the parking lot next door. The woman wrote down most of the license plate number from the suspect’s vehicle and advised that it is a "beat up" 15 passenger church van with windows and has a Louisiana license plate. The woman advised that this is the second time the suspect had approached her. She described the suspect as being a skinny, white male in his sixties with gray hair to his ears, bad teeth and a few gold crowns. The officer noted that he told the woman he would do his best to find the suspect and identify him in case she wanted to press charges against him and that he would schedule some extra patrols for her area. He also advised the woman about security issues around her home and gave her advice on improving her personal security.