GREENBRIER—At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Greenbrier City Council, Tim Tyler of Tyler Surveying and Geologic Mapping gave a preliminary Engineering report on the new wastewater project now underway.  Much has already been done to upgrade a twenty year old system to dispose of wastewater; but the city is under mandate from the Arkansas Department of Quality Control (ADEQ) to have a new wastewater treatment plant and be in compliance by May 31, 2013—all except for electrical.  Tyler stated, "The collection system on the west side is not mandated; but needs to be upgraded soon.  We will be looking at the lift station by the ball park again and just need to let ADEQ know that work is proceeding."  He further said, "Although the existing permit is up in 2013, we’re able to meet all the criteria now except for ammonia levels."  Work on ammonia levels is progressing well.

Monti Havens, Water Superintendent, reported there are about 3,700 water meters in the city with 3,518 that are active.  The rest are old and inactive with some over 30 years old.  They are now in the final phase of a ten year project to change out all the residential meters with only about 251 meters yet to go.  Havens also pointed out that the old two-inch water mains throughout the city will need to be put into plans to upgrade to larger mains in the future. Havens reported 47 building permits were issued last year, 32 of which were residential.  The rest were commercial and remodels.  The city already has issued eight permits and he said, "Talk is good on residential starts from builders in our area."

Police Chief Gene Earnhart reported that since the police started taking credit cards on 2-1-12, they have taken in an additional $54,590.00 on fines and costs owed the city.  Earnhart stated, "Many offenders, when called, found it more convenient to pay their fines with a credit card than to come to court."  Of the 2,766 arrests in 2011 for criminal misdemeanors, DWI’s, traffic filings, and city ordinance violations, 1,943 were convicted, 392 were dismissed, and 6 are appeals.  The total fines and costs collected in 2011 was $344,489.00.  $234,470.00 went to the General Fund.  A radio system was upgraded in all the city police cars for $77,242.00 with about $53,000.00 earned in grants.  Chief Earnhart was proud to say, "We can now get 670 channels to communicate everywhere in the state. These should last another 25 years."  Chief Earnhart further stated he now has eight officers on staff and is currently seeking two more.  One is needed as a school resource officer.

The Greenbrier Fire Department was recognized on December 28, 2011 as "The Fire Department of The Day" in the on-line paper,  Fire Chief Cody Fulmer said, "The transition from a Fire Chief who was here for 32 years to a Chief that is 32 years of age has been received well."  A revamping of multiple Standard of Operations has been done, including the medical SOPs signed off by Dr. Tim Callicott of CRMC emergency room.  A new computer program is assisting with run reports to the community and documenting ongoing training of firefighters.  Greenbrier Fire Department continues as the second busiest fire department in Faulkner county, second only to Conway Fire Department in volume.  Total runs in 2011 were 580:  77 rural fires, 67 city fires, and 435 rescue calls.  This is up from 515 in 2010 and the Fire Department is seeking new volunteer firefighters.

To apply for police or fire departments, you must call City Hall, 501-679-2422, for an application.  For further information about Greenbrier, go online to  The Greenbrier City Council meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 in the municipal building, 11 Wilson Farm Road.