Criminal mischief, 1800 block of Robins St.

A man called to report that the tires on his vehicle had been slashed. When an officer made contact with the man, he stated that he believed the damage had been done by a woman who has been harassing him. The man stated that because the woman had been kicked out of her home, he let her stay with him for a little while and during that time, they had a relationship, but it had been "nothing major". However, when the woman left, she would get jealous if she saw another woman with the man. The man stated that she had been texting and calling him even though he had asked her to stop. The man told the officer that he felt like the woman thought their relationship was "something more" than what it had been and that she had taken things "too far" by slashing his tires. He was advised of the warrant process and how to obtain a no contact order.